About LSGF

Whether you are looking for that wow factor statement piece, the perfect wartime re-enactment or Lindy-hop dance dress, or you simply don’t want to conform to high street dreariness any longer, L.S.G.F. could be just the antidote you need to escape to a more feminine and glamorous age. So, go ahead, create your own unique style and be beautiful!

Darlings it’s time to ‘opt out’ of plain and necessary and ‘opt into’ Gorgeousness and Fripperies!!! XXX


flyer modifiedLSGF has developed from:

  • a love of ‘How things used to be’
  • a keen interest in collecting vintage pieces while working in the fast paced world of mass produced High Street clothing created a yearning for a more reverent and artisan approach to garment creation and for each piece to be given the care and love it deserves
  • attention to detail and the nurturing of carefully selected fabrics into things of beauty as opposed to simply fast tracking the process down a factory production line and eliminating any sense of prestige or accomplishment for any one of a million identical garments.

As a Ladieswear pattern maker the style and cut of vintage clothing obviously intrigues me but especially, patriotically, the 1940’s when a time of war, austerity and rationing still managed to produce some of the most innovative and creative solutions in pattern cutting and a ‘Make-do-and Mend’ attitude still helped achieve pure understated femininity to slap the face of adversity.

Despite everything, where there was fight there was fortitude and fashion!


Why should you choose The Little Shop Of Gorgeousness And Fripperies?

  • Reviving original designs, alongside new ‘vintage inspired’ creations, all L.S.G.F.  artisan items are carefully, lovingly and individually created by hand in the county of Yorkshire, England.
  • New, easy care fabrics, are locally sourced with many others from Design House sales or limited metreage. Hence, some items are quite literally ‘one offs’.
  • Reproduction ‘vintage’ artisan garments are either recreated from original vintage patterns or are accurate copies of original vintage garments. Both are cut with the modern figure in mind.
  • True Vintage items are carefully selected for their uniqueness. Because they were precious to someone who treasured them so, they were tucked away, often for many years and now deserve a second or third chance to shine brightly and become someone’s special memory again.